Our beautiful family has been shattered by the sudden passing of Rick. We will be taking some time off to be together and support each other through this very difficult time. All our clients have meant so much to us and we thank you for your patience and understanding.

Quality Curtains

Custom Curtain Specialists

With an extensive sample library from major fabric suppliers, we are the custom-made curtain specialists in Port Macquarie. Our experienced decorators and colour coordination services make selecting new curtains an easy task. We can assist you in designing curtains that blend in or that are the feature of your room. We offer a large range of high quality tracking options, including standard hand or cord drawn, decorative poles with a vast array of finial options, commercial grade, hospital tracking and wave-fold tracking systems. Wave-fold curtains are becoming increasingly popular and when installed floor-to-ceiling and wall-to-wall, they can completely transform the look and feel of a room.

Reduce Heating/Cooling Costs

Curtains have exceptional insulation qualities, meaning that they can significantly reduce heating and cooling costs, and they have acoustic properties which will enhance your in-home cinema experience. With a wide range of fabrics varying in density, controlling privacy, light and temperature is a breeze. Sheer curtains provide day time privacy, and when installed over blinds, can soften and finish a room. Triple-weave polyester curtain fabrics provide room darkening and, with no backing applied to the fabric, they are inherently fire retardant and are easy care. Blockout coated curtain fabrics completely block the light and are less bulky with just a single layer. Uncoated curtain fabrics can be paired with sewn in or detachable polyester or blockout linings, which means that you can match your favourite fabrics with the level of room darkening you need. Curtains with pelmets are one of the few products on the market that can offer complete room darkening, making them ideal for shift workers, children’s bedrooms and blocking out street lights. Our professionally installed curtains will add style and sophistication to any home, catering to every taste and budget, and our workmanship is fully guaranteed.


Can’t decide between curtains or blinds? Why not have both?

Veri Shades provide you with the versatility of blinds combined with the luxurious softness of curtains. This clever patented system is perfect for large expanses of glass when privacy and light control are important. This product is child and pet friendly and, with just the turn of a wand, you can open your room to the view outside whilst retaining your privacy inside. Veri Shades offer UV protection for your furnishings and are fully washable and easy to manage, with small sections of fabric which are simply clicked together to re-hang. With no bulky weights or chains, vanes can be separated to walk through and remain silent, even in a breeze. With two fabric options and a variety of colours available, there is a solution for every room.


Thanks, Jenny, Michelle & Rick for your professional service. The advice, curtains,communication & installation was first class. Great job.

Brian // Port Macquarie

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